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Ragavan S jabber_dev at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 11 15:05:21 CST 2002

>AFAIK, the Disney client is proprietary so you'd probably have to buy the
>source from them in order to point it to your own server (I assume their
>client is hardcoded to point at im.go.com).

Hmmm.. I remember using the Go Messenger to connect to any server (including 
jabber.org, my own server among others). The version I used was, 
but eventually had to give it up, since it didn't support SSL. So, AFAIK, 
no, there is no hardcoding.

>Also AFAIK you cannot talk to people on other servers from your account on
>im.go.com (i.e., they do not have server-to-server turned on). If you ask
>me that kind of defeats the purpose of the Jabber *network*, but hopefully
>they'll see the light at some point (perhaps once more big servers come

My above statement kinda makes this moot, cos if you can connect to 
jabber.org, then you can talk to any server that talk to jabber.org, or 
something like that :-)

Hold on... ok. I just connected to jabber.org using the Go messenger.


>On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Aaron McBride wrote:
> > Ok, I just checked out Disney's IM client.  It looks like a nice setup, 
> > it might be something I'd use, unfortunately it looks like it's not
> > connected (S2S) with the rest of the Jabber network.  This is pretty 
> > the same complaint we've been having about AOL and MS.  I'm wondering... 
> > there any way to bring pressure on Disney to open up their client to 
> > you to communicate with users on other servers?  (I assume this wouldn't
> > even involve a change to the client.)
> >
> > If I'm wrong about it not working with other servers... oops. :)  But
> > that's the way it looks to me.
> >
> > -Aaron
> >
> > At 11:58 AM 1/11/2002 -0700, you wrote:
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> > >If you want to see some beginning extremely large rollouts, look at 
> > >http://im.go.com or iwon
> >
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