[JDEV] xdb

Ben Schumacher ben-jdev at blahr.com
Mon Jan 14 11:37:56 CST 2002

On 9 Jan 2002, Petal wrote:
> Hi, can I run the xdb as a seperate process to the rest of the jabber
> server?
> ie, like you can run the transports as seperate processes..

It appears that in all the discussions of "The Important Things", your
message got lost in the shuffle. Yes. It is possible to run an
"xdb" component in an external Jabber process, although I wouldn't
necessarily recommend it. To do this, simply use <accept> in your <xdb>
configuration and set it up as you would any other external component.

The reason I would discourage this is that it is fairly inefficient as all
data going to the <xdb> component would need to be serialized into xml,
sent across the socket and then unserialized on the other end... which is
quite a bit of overhead compared to just passing around the data in

Is their a specific reason you're trying to externalize an xdb component?


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