[JDEV] yahoo transport with problems

Luar Roji luar at roji.net
Tue Jan 15 15:11:16 CST 2002

I'm having problems with yahoo transport when some of my buddies grant
me access to view they webcam... I've problems with gabber, konverse
and jabber applet... the problem seems to be malformed XML in the
communication with the server, any of you had the same problem? The
jabber client dies and until my buddy stop to let me view his webcam, I
can't open the client again! (It starts and dies again)...

I'm using jabber 1.4.2 from CVS, and gabber 0.8.5, konverse 0.2, and the
last jabber applet at the time...

I don't know if this problem has something to do with your problem, but
maybe I'm doing something wrong...

Thanks, see ya!


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