[JDEV] Jabber Transport for WebServices Platform

Maddison, David MaddisonD at dnb.com
Thu Jan 17 06:11:32 CST 2002

If anybodies interested I've just finished, (beta 1), a Jabber Transport,
for Systinet's WASP, webservice (SOAP) platform.  The transport allows you
to interact with the SOAP server over the Jabber protocol, (i.e. through a
Jabber Server.  The entry level WASP server is current avaliable from
www.systinet.com, free for commercial use.

The transport uses the excellent Muse stack from echomine.org as the Jabber
communication layer.

I'm just putting the finishing touches, (i.e. documentation etc), to it now.

David Maddison

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