[JDEV] RE: Jabberd 1.5 Development

German Pablo de la Cruz gerlc at ciudad.com.ar
Thu Jan 17 16:46:47 CST 2002

Hi David!

I'm using yours jabberBeans. It's great! Congratulations!!
It would be a great idea use the vcard, but I couldn't find info about
That. JabberBean support it??

When I finished, probable I'll write some tutorial or manual about that,
what do yo think??


Message: 11
From: "David Waite" <mass at akuma.org>
To: <jdev at jabber.org>
Subject: Re: [JDEV] RE: Jabberd 1.5 Development
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 20:30:33 -0700
Reply-To: jdev at jabber.org

I assume you mean their name for roster display (recommended nickname
adding a user, etc) ; the best way I have thought of doing this is to
attempt to grab their vCard; if you can get a nickname, use that,
use the username portion of the JID.

If we ever get pub/sub, it might be possible for the client to process
changes in contact's vCards, and use that to prompt for updates to their
nicknames within the local user's roster.

-David Waite

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