[JDEV] Re: jabber over ipv6

Matthias Wimmer jabber at matthias-wimmer.de
Fri Jan 18 06:35:57 CST 2002


I'm surprised that it's not only me that is interested in an IPv6 patch ;) I   
got some mails from others that were interested to see the patch.

The patched jabberd is tested by me for some days now and runs very stable (no
crash yet) but it is without real load, just some test connections from myself.

There is only one strange problem left in s2s: I've tested that with loading
there agents list in two ways: With gabber (traditional, I think) and with
JabberX (browsing). When tested against the servers in jabberview.com everything
works fine with most of the servers (charente.de, jabber.at, jabber.cz,
jabber.myjabber.org, jabber.noze.it, jabber.sk, theoretic.com, tipic.com and
tipic.it). For free-source.com and jabber.com I only get the agents list with
gabber but not with JabberX. For jabber.earth.li, jabber.org and njs.netlab.cz
I can't get the agents.

I hope I can solve this problem this week-end. I'll publish an updated patch
then. A patch with the source I'm using at the moment is available on
http://www.amessage.de/patches/ (available over IPv4 and
IPv6 ;)

If you want to run the patched server, note the following things:
- All addresses in jabber.xml have to be written in IPv6 notation. For IPv4
  addresses this is done be prefixing them with "::ffff:", e.g.
  is "::ffff:" then.
- Netmasks are written as numbers, e.g. "64" for a 64-Bit-Network (yeah, IPv6
  has bigger addresses then IPv4).
- You can't load unported transports that try to resolve domains. The patched
  jabberd does configure the resolver to return sockaddr_in6 addresses.
  Run the transports in their own unpatched jabberd and link them together.

If there is interest in it I can also set-up a permanent public
IPv6-test-server. While I don't recompile my test server is available at
ipv6.amessage.de (IPv4 and IPv6).

Tot kijk
fon: +49-(0)70 0770 07770  http://matthias-wimmer.de/
fax: +49-(0)89 312 88 654  jabber://mawis@charente.de

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