[JDEV] MSN Transport Problems

Riyaad Miller RMiller at mweb.com
Fri Jan 18 07:02:55 CST 2002

Could somebody show me the 'light' side on this query.

Allow me to explain the situation!
I've installed Jabber 1.4.1, running conference 0.4.1 and MSN Transport 1.1
We've managed hack the crap out of  mod_auth_ldap.c and finally have ldap authenticating nicely against our OpenLDAP servers running ver 2, note that our Jabber server and our LDAP servers are not the same physical server.
I've setup a MSN id and downloaded the MSN chat client on my local desktop. Note I also have WinJab and JIM running on my machine. Here's the problem ... 
When I go online with my MSN userid, theoretically according to my limited understanding of Jabber, I should be able to find myself  (merely testing here), add myself to my list of contact and in theory ....chat to me myself, one as the MSN user, the other as the Jabber user. Problem is though ... I don't!
When I try to invite my MSN self to my "new" conference room, a dialog box come up and tell me not found *what's not found* - assuming the user here! I then create the room with my inviting local jabber user. 
Also assuming I click "chat" on the my MSN  nick link in JIM (which by the way has "(Pending)",  I get the message that I am offline ...How could this be when my MSN chat window is open and I'm chatting to "the world". I'm absolutely dumb struck on this ...

I'm always also seeing this msg in my log files!!
20020118T12:37:55: [notice] (test): failed to establish connection
20020118T12:37:55: [notice] (test): bouncing a packet to test from riyaadm at gomez.mweb.co.za: Server Connect Failed

One last thing - I am behind a firewall and need to find out this. If a request being made to a server beyond the firewall come from jabber, does the reply request/answer come back on the same session or does jabber terminate the session. I'm not too clear about this so any kind reasonable answer would be nice!

Regards Riyaad

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