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Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Thu Jan 24 09:40:02 CST 2002

Paul -

Checkout the following 2 links... they give you all of the details you need
to checkout winjab from cvs and to get it compiling:




Peter M.

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From: <Paul.ZARZECKI at edfgdf.fr>
> hello everybody !!
> I'm new, i have to work on Jabber, and i know my question may seem "easy",
> but if someone could help me it would be very nice :)
> actually, I installed the Winjab client, and i'd like to change the
> interface a little bit...... how do i have to proceed ? I mean, where are
> the files to modify ??
> Do i have to download them from the "CVS zone" (and if yes, which files do
> i have to take, knowing that i'll also have to work on the transport
> component) ??
> how then do i re-generate the new winjab executable file (how do i compile
> the work etc...) ??
> thanks if you can help me
> Paul

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