[JDEV] Bad karma?

John Reinke John.M.Reinke at mail.sprint.com
Thu Jan 24 10:26:56 CST 2002

Below are two related questions I asked on the jadmin list, without success. 
My root problem is that JUD works within the jabbberd process, but 
not as a separate process. I did not find an answer in the archives.


Bad karma?:

I've been failing to get JUD to respond when running in a separate
process. I have no trouble when running it within the same process as
the jabber server, and conferencing works well as a separate process.

I get the following message when trying to connect to the JUD from a
client (with the IP

20020122T21:02:46: [notice] (MIO_XML_READ): socket from is
out of karma

I used Peter's settings (http://www.saint-andre.com/jabber/xml/) as a
guide, and all my karma settings are the same. The only difference is
that I have the "dnsrv" and "s2s" services commented out, since I'm
running this on an internal network, but uncommenting those sections
doesn't make a difference.

There's additional info in my "JUD not working as separate process"


JUD not working as separate process:

I have followed the example files on Peter's web site
(http://www.saint-andre.com/jabber/xml/) to run JUD and conferencing as
separate processes. This worked for conferencing, but not JUD, and my
configuration is virtually identical to the files provided at the web

JUD 0.4 doesn't seem to be able to use anything that was registered
before the process has been started. It will try continuously until it
gives error code 502 (this service is temporarily unavailable). I see
that the query makes it to the correct process through running in debug

It doesn't seem to be a permissions problem, because JUD will update the
spool/jud/global.xdb file once someone re-registers themself. It just
doesn't seem to notice that the information was already in the file.
Also, everyone who re-registers will be found instantly as long as the
JUD process is running. 

If I ever stop the JUD process or all the processes and start back up
again, everyone will have to re-register their information to be found

Any idea what is causing this?


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