[JDEV] mod_groups patch + register program

Mark Cheverton ennui at morat.net
Thu Jan 24 12:21:36 CST 2002

Included below are:

* Patch to mod_groups.c against the cvs version. This fixes a bug that
was preventing the admin JID adding people to a group. It also
implements full JIDs for admin users rather than just the username,
which I think is useful to do (ie admins can be remote) but up to you
whether its included in an update.

* Perl program to register users. This is setup for our configuration
here and is provided for reference for people who want to do similar. It
is not intended as an out-of-the-box working system that I support
(although I've tried to make it as generic as possible). It does two
things: Creates a users user.xml file directly from the information
provided, and using Net::Jabber adds that user to a relevant mod_group
(in this case defined by the office entered). Hope people find it useful
so they don't waste as much time as I did getting the basics straight.


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