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Jason Reineri jreineri at northridge.com
Fri Jan 25 08:53:08 CST 2002

We had a problem similar to this here.  I can't remember now if it was a
bug in the MSN transport or somewhere else.  Are you using xdb_sql?  I
know that we noticed in our database that the contacts did not appear to
get stored correctly and their usernames were wrong as you describe.  It
had to do with the flag that was stored that determined what type of
contact it was.

Jason Reineri
Northridge Systems, Inc.

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Hello ALL

I'm hoping there's a solution to this problem. 
My MSN transport appears to be working fine. However when checking the
properties of a contact, I notice that the contacts email addy is wrong,
instead of being userr at hotmail.com, it's something like
user%hotmail.com at mydomain.com. How do fix this. It must be a config
issue or something ...

Please assist if possible.
Regards RM

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