[JDEV] Support to Spanish Characters

Amarnath Yara amarny at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 17:05:43 CST 2002

Hi all, I have seen that some of the jabber clients  seem to be supporting 
mulitple languages. I would like to add support of spanish chars to my 
client. How do I do this ? Does this require any special settings on the 
server side or client side.

I have seen that sending spanish chars from my client to yahoo buddies 
through yahoo transport goes fine with out problems. But when I send spanish 
chars to my buddies on the same jabber server (ie jabber client to jabber 
client) then I notice some garbage characters coming along with the message. 
How do I solve this problem. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.


Amarnath Yara
Columbia 29201.SC.

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