[JDEV] Customiz the server

Shriram pore creativeshri at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jan 28 01:30:27 CST 2002

Respected Sir,
     We want to have many services required and only
with respect to our organization.
     Our Status:
          User are of win2K,Linux,Solaris,HP-Unix,and
other Unix Variants.
           Offices located in different continents.
i.e geographically apart
           We do use lease lines of high bandwidth
              1)Chat (including Voice chat)
              2) Send (online / offline) messages
              3) our services which are given to our
organization currently through our personal
website(webserver) are to be given even in the
Which is totally a new requirement.
              4) It needs to be low consuming (i.e
lesser overheads 
              5) Not to be purely client server and
not purely peer-to-peer.
              6) We want to have load balancing also  

i.e instead of deploying all the commponents of the
server on one machine we want it to be distributed
(rather to be configurable as per the requirement)
              7) we want to give also search engine
support to search from websites and databases.

So What would you suggest 
     1 (jabber)server on which OS (platforms)  
     2 Which is more customizable and extensible
     3 Where could i get better & more technical
details about the servers and clients you have
built(Documentation as well as source code).
     4 Details like security issues,how messaging is
done,how is your protocol real-time and others

Please Reply it fast 
    By then i will go through your site but for exact
information i would like to have your help

    "Looking forward for your valuable assistance".
Thanking you         
signing off
from Shriram

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