[JDEV] Registration (Urgent)

Carlos del Castillo ccastillo at qoslabs.com
Wed Jan 30 17:01:24 CST 2002

Hello everybody, I have done a simple module to authenticate with LDAP, 
but I would like to get user info from LDAP when a user is registered. 

So when a new account is created, first I authenticate with LDAP then I 
would like that the user info will be filled with the info from the
LDAP. And may be registered into jud.

Any ideas on how to do this? what functions to call and where to call

 I haver tried to create the file, but when my authentication function
is called there is already a  user.xml file so I can't determine if it
is a new user or an old one.

Thank you very much.

Carlos del Castillo

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