[JDEV] Multiple hosts ....re-visited *Urgent*

Riyaad Miller RMiller at mweb.com
Thu Jan 31 09:16:22 CST 2002

Hello All

A few interesting questions ...
How do we register  users with a different domain/host  name (which is NOT the as the local server running Jabber). Do note I am refering to domains other the the usual MSN, Yahoo etc transports. Assuming we have multiple hosts/domains, what exactly does <host> in Jabber.xml do for me, I know it's documented in the file itself, but does it 'really' work, if so how? 
Allow me to provide an example. I want user1 at domain1.com to register with my jabber server (my.jabber.com), however I also want user2 at domain2.com to do the same. Unfortunately I can only get user at my.jabber.com working fine and Not the others ...any possible explainations....The entry I do already have in my jabber.xml file is as follows. (well not exactly but you get the drift)
   <host>domain1.com </host>
   <host>domain2.com </host>

Regards RM

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