[JDEV] Korean or Japaneese chaactes support in JJC messenger

Madhu Chundu madhu1975 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 4 23:40:14 CDT 2002

I have developed mesenger using XML plugins. here is how it works...After 
logging in, the XML parser sends and recieves XML tags, which it passes and 
then converts into JabberElements, and then sometimes converts them further. 
Jabber has 3 main types of messages,
Message, Presence and Iq. Everytime the parser finishes parsing
a JabberElement it sends it to all registered listeners.

But the problem in chat window when type korean or japaneese charactes  its 
sending bulk characteres .. so how can my mesenger support koreanor 
japaneese characters in chat window for sending  simple test mesenger to u r 
so any body have idea on this pls get back to me..

Many thanks in advance..

With best regards
Madhu Chandu

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