[JDEV] Windows server source code

Mark Hinnebusch mark.hinnebusch at infotechfl.com
Thu Sep 5 17:22:31 CDT 2002

If this has already been discussed, my apologies.  I dug through the 
archives, but could have missed it.

We are interested in building an application-level router for our products 
and I'd like to build it on Jabber.  Most of our customers run Windows 2K 
as their server architecture (hey, I'm an old mainframe hack, so platform 
wars don't faze me!).  I pulled down the JabberD executable for Win32 and 
it runs very nicely.  I pulled the JabberD source and looked it over and I 
see that it is pretty much unix code and you compile on Cygwin.

I was wondering if anyone has done a true port to Win32 and has made the 
source available?  I've done unix to Win32 ports before and threading 
models seem to be the biggest pain (that and not-the-fork).  I'm sure that 
GNU p-threads work fine but my Win32 guys aren't familiar with it so 
support is a bit of an issue.  That was the first thing that struck me on 
looking over the source.  So, I'm evaluating the pros and cons of a true 
port and didn't really want to re-invent the wheel (or even this flavor of 
the wheel).

   Anyone got source?

thanks in advance,


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