[JDEV] Windows server source code

Chris Pile cpile at snoogans.co.uk
Fri Sep 6 03:35:55 CDT 2002

Have you looked into using BizTalk? 

Having said that, it would be nice to see you contributing to a win32
jabber server.  Plus any case study style feedback you can give
regarding using jabber for this type of application would benefit the
Jabber community IMO.

I'd be quite interested in interfacing BizTalk and Jabber.

Chris Pile.

Mark Hinnebusch wrote:
> We are interested in building an application-level router for our products
> and I'd like to build it on Jabber.  Most of our customers run Windows 2K
> as their server architecture (hey, I'm an old mainframe hack, so platform
> wars don't faze me!).

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