[JDEV] Jabber and MySQL

Benoit Orihuela orihuela at free.fr
Fri Sep 6 04:56:11 CDT 2002


> For those looking for it, the latest version I found
>   was at http://download.jabber.org/contrib/xdb_sql-1.2.tar.gz 
FYI, since yesterday, xdb_sql is hosted on jabberstudio.
currently, i've only imported the files in the cvs, i'll add some release files
this we.

>   From what i've read so far, even the database handling has been made
>   more generic by allowing definition of the sql statements required
> for handling a namespace in a configuration file. If you know what data
> is going to need to be stored, you can simply modify the configuration
>   file to handle the namespace. This might explain why the module
> hasn't been updated for a while. 
yep, that's exactly the situation :)



PS : for those of you that use xdb_ldap, it's also now hosted on jabberstudio.

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