[JDEV] yahoo2 core dumps

Flor-Angie Perez flor-angie.perez at nextenso.com
Tue Sep 10 06:01:25 CDT 2002

Hello steve and everyone,

My name is Angie, i'm new to the list, and i saw your mail about 
yahoo2's core dumps.  Did you ever resolve this problem?
I'm working on the yahoo transport and i've come up with the same thing, 
i'm not able to chat.

Can anyone help? (as i haven't seen any answer to your problem),

Subject:* yahoo2 compiled, but core dumps consistently if you try to chat
*From:* shear <at> answerthink.com (Shear, Steve)
*Newsgroups:* gmane.network.jabber.administration
*Date:* Sep 04 2002 13:37:48


just wrestled the glib and pyth into submission and got yahoo2 installed
with the 1.42 jabber open source server.

successfully added the yahoo gateway to JIM.
yahoo2 auto-downloaded all my yahoo buddies
presence is showing correctly for online buddies.

but after  i initiate a chat and type some text, or someone a chat from
someone else, the gateway core dumps.  the jabber server itself is the
jabber commercial server 1.1 running on the same box as the 1.42 open

shear @ answerthink . com

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