[JDEV] FYI: German magazine "tested" jabber

Martin Lesser jabber-adm at better-com.de
Tue Sep 10 04:55:28 CDT 2002

Hi folks,

the popular german computer-magazine c't tested in their recent issue 20
clients for IM, one candidate was "jabber" (not really, in fact they
tested JIM, the _client_ available at jabber.com).

Unfortunately the author did not spend any/much time to understand the
jabber technology, he only compared JIM (he called it "jabber") to other
clients like aim, gaim, messenger etc. and especially the capability of
connecting to proprietary services. For this test he used the
jabber.com-Server which is blocked by i.e. AOL and others.

He ends up with:

  "Other programs like Odigo, Trillian or Vista were able to alter their
  login-routines to the newer protocols used by the proprietary
  services. So at the moment we can not recommend the use of jabber due
  to his broken ability to connect to other services"

I clarified that on http://www.better-com.de/pages/ct-im-2002.php
[german only :-( ] and informed the author about his mistake. He
answered yet and informed me that he indeed tested only JIM with a
connection to jabber.com.

Let's hope that he also clarifies that in the next issue of c't.


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