Re(2): [JDEV] Re-using session - is it possible?

Sebastian Paul Avarvarei proteus at
Fri Sep 13 16:47:00 CDT 2002

Sami Haahtinen  (9/13/2002  10:07 PM):
>By the nature of TCP streams, there is no way of doing this.

You are right, of course. Shoud've realised that.

>you could accomplish this by either building a custom made proxy in
>between the applications and the actual Jabber server. 

I thought about this option, but I'm hoping to avoid it somehow.

>Or by passing on
>the parameters from the first login to the applet and make the applet
>use those parameters to log in.

If by "parameters" you mean the <digest/>, I don't see how this could work. Since each session has its own ID, used at generating the digest. Or were you refering to other parameters?

>ofcourse, you can always attempt to add support for additional protocols
>(like the ICMP ping) which do not have the same limitations as TCP =)

That would be much to adventurous for me :)

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