[JDEV] xmlnode_xxx() probs

Brad brad at the-zoo.net
Fri Sep 13 16:57:39 CDT 2002

I've been working on an in-process component and have found some peculiarity with the xml parser used by jabbber.  It seems that if there are any <CR>s or spaces between tags that get sent by a client then the xmlnode_get_xxx() functions end up returning NULL much of the time.  Is this a known problem with the jabber xml parser and if so, how does everybody work around this problem?

What I'm trying to do is call xmlnode_get_firstchild() and then loop through all the children  with xmlnode_get_nextsibling() until i get no more children.  I thought I could do this by testing for a NULL ptr being returned, but as mentioned above that isn't working.


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