[JDEV] Reg Jabbeer

ASHOK KUMAR ashokjkumar at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 16 08:52:22 CDT 2002

Hello Friends,
   I am first time,i am using jabber server for implementing chat.
just now i installed jabber in my machine (windows nt). just i clicked the 
exe file(jabberd). i didn't make any changes in configuration file ie 
jabber.xml so starting with what are the prerequsites and how to open chat 
window and how to start sending IM to jabber client(am i right). This is 
stupid question in fact. i did't tried out..
instead of doing r&d if any one from developers commun, helping me, it will 
be helpful for start with my project..
Thanks in advance
Ashok J Kumar

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