[JDEV] persistent room problem

deepak baghla deepak_baghla at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 16 08:28:16 CDT 2002


     I am facing this strange problem after creating
persistent room on my jabber server(JCP 1.2.2).My
client disconnects after some time.It creates the room
and joins it and then gets disconnected from the room
though it remain connected to jabber server.I receive
the following packets from the server.

Testroomtwo is the room name which I create on jabber


: RECEIVED PACKET!!! : <presence
to="deepakb at jabber.induslogic.com/web" f

rom="testroomtwo at conference.jabber.com"
type="error"><error code="502">Dialback
failed. Sending host is not authorized to send packets
from the specified

<presenceto="deepakb at jabber.induslogic.com/web" f
rom="testroomtwo at conference.jabber.induslogic.com"

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