[JDEV] non-unicode XML crashes jabberd

Martin Lesser jabber-adm at better-com.de
Tue Sep 17 06:06:23 CDT 2002

Ralph Siemsen <ralphs at blueairnetworks.com> writes:

> The real reason still remains elusive.  The JUD definitely plays a
> central role, because the problem goes away if the JUD is removed.

Looks like. We disabled JUD on our productive Jabber-Server.  Should
everyone running a productive server disable JUD?

> The other observation about this problem is that shortly before the
> server spirals into its endless loop, the log file shows that it tried
> to access the global.xdb file (where JUD entries get stored); however
> the first 8 bytes of the filename have been overwritten.

... with a pointer (you said that on 09/09)

We made another observation: After jabberd and jud crashed global.xdb
was rewritten totally: All entries except the one of the user who
crashed it did not exist any longer :-(

Until now I only can say that the main trigger for this was a
misconfigured client which had no appropriate locales so it sent

> The second series of patches ...
> This is all just debugging/hunting.  I haven't found the actual
> problem,

The question also is whether it is not a waste of time to locate the
problems or if it would be better to write a new (perhaps SQL-based)
JUD as temas suggested?


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