[JDEV] Embeding jabber in a web page?

raditha dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Fri Sep 20 13:23:40 CDT 2002

you will be able to do this with any applet client. Bad news is this 
usually means you have to have your jabber server and the webserver on 
the same ip. Good news is there are ways to overcome this problem :-)

Carlos Olguin wrote:

>Hi, I am new to jabber and I would like know if there
>is any jabber client that I can embed in a web page. I
>have learned from Jabber.com's webclient (now called
>XIM I think) but I couldn't find a download page in
>their site and I am not sure I want to buy it yet. I
>have also learned from something called nexxia based
>on .NET but the contact info provided in
>jabberstudio.org is not correct. I really just want to
>do a simple proof of concept for now. Any help is
>greatly appreciated.
>Carlos Olguin
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