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Recently  I downloaded a client by name BusinessChat from the site  http://www.bchat.com.ar and I observed a shocking similarities of that client with the ColinJab Jabber client in VB . Some GUI changes were made only by applying the skins and removing some features and they never mentioned anywhere about Jabber Protocol and  about the GPL. They are also not providing the source code which is the fundamental issue in the GPL.

I am really wondering about this GNU General Public License. and wanted to know more details.

   In what form , the source codes available can be used ??
   Can anybody use this code and develop and add their own functionalities which may be out of scope of jabber like PopUp E-mail client, getting data from some databases and displaying the data in this client and can sell as a commercial product?????? 
   Can the application that results from the additions or modifications can be sold as a Commercial Product and still mentioning the users that we r using Jabber open standard technology ???
   What are the things a company should do to use the code, add or delete some features and still wants to use it as a Commercial Product??? I came to know from the GPL that its enough that we need to provide the source code of the client to the users while selling it as a commercial product. So please explain me what are the steps a company should take to use the source code to their own purposes and sell it as  a commercial product???

Sorry for a long mail.

Expecting a quick response from you.



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