[JDEV] Adding Transport registration in xdb_sql

Benoit Decaudin benoit.decaudin at terravirtual.net
Fri Sep 20 03:05:59 CDT 2002

raditha dissanayake wrote:

> Hi,
> please make sure that you are defining a v2 query. Otherwise you have to
> write your own function to verify it. However the error you are seeing
> is most likely to be caused by invalid xml. Please try opening your
> xdb_sql.xml file in a browser or xml editor to figure out where the
> error is.

Thanks for the ideas, I will check that first.
> Perhaps i  should also mention that msn transport does not work out of
> the box with xdb_sql

What do you mean by 'out of the box' ? In another jabberd process ?


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