[JDEV] AOL/TOC Limiting Users

worklists at dovkatz.net worklists at dovkatz.net
Mon Sep 23 15:08:42 CDT 2002

Well, I sorta set up a TOC Gateway, and after it peaks out, remote connections to toc fail, it stops accepting sockets from us.  All I can think of as a solution is connect from
multiple socks servers... Oscar may not care about this, but TOC seems to reject over 10 connections from the same IP. 

If so, what if lots of people share a single socks server?

My friend thinks that toc has fewer servers than oscar, and that the limitation exists everywhere at the hardware level, but login.oscar or toc.oscar redirects you to a server that will take you.

Any thoughts? 


PS- Found TOC Limit note here

PS- has anyone run a TOC gateway/transport off their jabber server and managed to connect >>
10 clients (i.e. 50, 100, 1000, etc?)

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