[JDEV] Problems with Windows port of jabberd

Keith Downs keith.downs at abaqus.com
Tue Sep 24 13:34:50 CDT 2002

I am having a problem with the windows version of jabberd.  When a jabber
session ends abruptly, like when an application crashes, the XML file for
the user that was logged in for that session stored in the spool/servername
directory is corrupted, preventing the user from logging in again.  Looking
at the XML file, it seems that the contents are overwritten by the last
thing that the server tried to write to the file.  The one that I am looking
at just contains:

<xdb><query xmlns='jabber:iq:last' last='1032892095'

This problem only seems to happen on the windows version.  Has anyone
encountered this, or have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Keith Downs
Senior Software Development Engineer
e-mail: keith.downs at abaqus.com

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