[JDEV] jabberd behind NAT fails s2s interoperation

matthew c. mead mmead at goof.com
Wed Sep 25 08:41:03 CDT 2002

I've asked on JADMIN but haven't gotten any response.  I'm hoping
someone here has more knowledge of the issues involved:

I just recently installed a jabber server at goof.com.
Unfortunately, I cannot get it to interoperate with other jabber
servers using s2s.

I do not have control over the PTR record for the external ip
addresses my server answers.

Is there some way to get s2s working despite this?  Sending from
goof.com to external servers yields a connect failure.  Sending
from external servers to goof.com yields that the remote server
does not have permission to respond with the specified ip

My NAT box allows all outbound connections.  It has forwarding
rules to forward inbound packets it receives for TCP ports 5222,
5223, 5269, and 7000 to the machine running the jabber server.

Any ideas?



matthew c. mead


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