[JDEV] nested group

Kenta Shiga shiga at sdl.hitachi.co.jp
Wed Sep 25 23:17:35 CDT 2002

Hi all,

Could anyone give me advice
how a jabber client can get/set a 'nested group'
by an <iq/> element with jabber:iq:roster namespace
or other methods ?

By the word 'nested group',
I mean a group that is a member of another group.

For example,
suppose one of my contacts (buddies) is a member of 'sales' group,
how can a jabber client make 'sales' group be a member of 'abc.com' ?

In my opinion,
if the current jabber protocol doesn't support this feature,
modification (or extension) of the protocol is needed.

Thanks in advance.

Kenta Shiga, Researcher
Systems Development Laboratory, Hitachi,Ltd.
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