[JDEV] How to use EchoComponent of Marbles library?

Wojciech Dec Wojciech.Dec at winuel.com.pl
Thu Sep 26 07:53:42 CDT 2002


As in the subject.
The config below doesn't work.  It seems to me the component even doesn't
connect because nothing happens if I change the secret in jabber.xml file.

How to configure jabber.xml to make EchoComponent working?
How to check it out?  What address should I send a message to get echo
using client like Exodus?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Wojciech Dec

==================== begin EchoComponent config ====================
  ComponentConnectionInfo connect_info = new ComponentConnectionInfo(
      "test2", // component name
      "", //hostname
      "test2", // secret
      null, // config namespace
      8002, //port
      true ); // outgoing
==================== end EchoComponent config ====================

==================== begin jabber.xml ====================
  <service id="s2s">
  <service id="test2">
==================== end jabber.xml ====================

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