[JDEV] Some Performance issues

SARADHI uvnpsaradhi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 26 12:49:29 CDT 2002


I need answers to the following questions.

Hope I can get them ..........

1)What is the minimum bandwidth a Jabber Client need to connect to the Server???

2) What are the factors a developer or a administrator to look while installing the Jabber Server and Jabber Client???? I need in terms of the resource utilization , scalability and the load sharing if the number of users are large.

3) Howmany concurrent users can use the latest version jabber-1.4.2. server , which I downloaded from www.jabber.org????

4) Is there any limit in the number of users that can be added to a buddy list??? Why I am asking this is , Yahoo Messenger allows only a maximum of 100 users and it asks to remove a buddy if we tries to add 101th buddy. Is there any limitaiton in the Jabber Server.

5) Anybody started or planning to work on the VoIP module to be included in the Jabber Technology???

6) Is there any open source clinet available for the Window OS,preferably Visual Basic which is implementing the SMS transport of the Jabber Technology????

7) Is there any C# or VB.NET open source client available using Jabber Technology???



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