[JDEV] Some Performance issues

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Thu Sep 26 13:47:19 CDT 2002

[Note: Some questions skipped]

> 1)What is the minimum bandwidth a Jabber Client need to connect to
> the Server???

Minimum bandwidth?? Every client uses a long-lived tcp socket. I'm not sure
we have stats on average packet length from clients. Perhaps others can
comment about their # of simultaneous connections and what kind of
connectivity they have.

> 3) Howmany concurrent users can use the latest version jabber-1.4.2.
> server , which I downloaded from www.jabber.org????

Currently, using the standard client connection module (pthsock), you'll be
limited to 1000 connections. Newer client connection apps (like jadc2s) can
handle more. Jadc2s for the 1.4.x servers can be found in cvs here:

> 4) Is there any limit in the number of users that can be added to a
> buddy list??? Why I am asking this is , Yahoo Messenger allows only a
> maximum of 100 users and it asks to remove a buddy if we tries to add
> 101th buddy. Is there any limitaiton in the Jabber Server.


> 5) Anybody started or planning to work on the VoIP module to be
> included in the Jabber Technology???

VoIP combined with jabber would happen out of band. Some folks out there
have used jabber for session initiation, but I have not seen any protocol
for doing this yet. It's a pretty trivial affair to encapsulate the Sess.
Init stuff in normal jabber packets.

> 7) Is there any C# or VB.NET open source client available using
> Jabber Technology???

Checkout jabber-net.. a set of libs for client and component development:


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