[JDEV] nested group

Mike Mintz mikemintz at subdimension.com
Fri Sep 27 19:55:50 CDT 2002

If there is some specification/doc/JEP on groups somewhere, could we add a 
section recommending the use of slashes (or something else) for hierarchy?  
Otherwise, we'll end up with different clients being incompatible with 
hierarchy rosters, like one using a.b.c and one using a/b/c and one using 
<group name="a"><group name="b"><group name="c"/></group></group>, and 
standardization would solve this.

 - Mike

On Friday 27 September 2002 12:56 pm, Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> Your client could just use "/" as a delimiter, and use group names like
> this:
>  <iq type="set">
>    <query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster">
>       <item jid="foo at bar.com" name="Foo">
>          <group>Corporate/Engineering/Laboratory</group>
>       </item>
>    </query>
> </iq>
> There would be no server changes needed, and clients that didn't know the
> naming standard would continue to work adequately.

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