[JDEV] Re: Info about v2 queries in xdb_sql

Raditha Dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Mon Sep 30 01:59:11 CDT 2002


It's possible but a little bit complicated. I have seen your earlier post 
about removing the 'default' handler for auth-get and auth-set this is a 
very good start indeed. 

Please confirm that the queries are routed to the v2 handler by inserting 
some debug info in  handle_query_v2() in xdb_sql.c if this works as 
exepected, please make sure that xdbsql_simple_get() returns the same xml as 
xdbsql_auth_get() does. 

all the best 


Benoit Decaudin writes: 

> I'm wondering if it is just possible to use v2 querydefs for the
> authentication with the server. 
> Did someone already tried v2 queries for existing namespaces ? 
> Thanks. 
> Benoît 
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