[JDEV] Open source Win32 client

Klaus H. Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Mon Sep 30 12:39:15 CDT 2002


we have a strange problem with the storage:client:... namespaces. jabberd puts all data reeived from
iq-set query-storage:client... namespace into the ./spool/server/username .xml file. We can easily
retrieve the data by iq-get with the same namespace. This is exactly the kind of public property
storage we need.

BUT: This only works for JIDs with lowercase characters !!

Others get my data only if I have a lowercase user name. I can get my own data in any case. The
problem seems to be that sometimes JIDs are case sensitive and sometimes not. The users .xml file is
always lowercase.

Who knows about the server side storage? And has any idea what this is about?

Klaus H. Wolf
wolf at bluehands.de

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