[JDEV] Advocacy 2: Why do you jabber?

Philippe Raxhon raxhonp at easynet.be
Sun Feb 2 05:46:46 CST 2003

Ulrich Staudinger wrote:

>why do users use jabber? 
1. The ability to run my own server, for free (or not), for internal 
and/or external use, with complete freedom on it (see 5).

2. The jabber protocol is open. The specs are available and anyone can 
contribute to them, perpetuating the spirit of the internet (RFC).

3. IMHO, the jabber protocol is the best I know of, based on XML and 
easy to extend to fit any need.

4. Interoperability: jabber interoperate with most of the other IM 
system, name it.

5. The ability to write my own server or modify an existing one, without 
going to jail.

6. The choice in jabber clients. Clients exist for every OS, and if you 
want a different one, one can write it, since without going to jail.


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