[JDEV] Re: SASL, deployment and coding

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Tue Feb 4 17:54:42 CST 2003

Matthew Beacher wrote:

> Robert Norris wrote:
>> This hasn't really been discussed in any detail. I would suggest joining
>> the XMPP working group and bringing this question up there:
>>   http://www.jabber.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/xmppwg/
> I'll read that as: Use the one built in the standered, not SASL as it 
> is not in any clients.  So I ask, Anyone know how to interface with 
> SASL password files?  I am guessing they are based on Unix Password 
> Files. 

The jabber:iq:register namespace is non-normative within the XMPP IM 
draft. Implementations can choose to implement registration, but it is 
not really required or standardized.

> <message to='receve-id' from='send-id'>
> fexable - Accept this code
> hard line - elements not in correct order, dump line. 

Attributes are always order-independant. Now, if you mean something like

The body and subject childs are allowed in any order by the existing DTDs.

> Well, not for everyone, but all server and clients that support SASL 
> must use it with a minimum level of encription.  And then make sure 
> that   EVERYONE starts including SASL.  It is very easy to include IFF 
> (if and only if) you use the cyrus SASL code relesed by Carnegie 
> Mellon University.

I do not want to use transport encryption, because
1) it does not provide any solid security because of existing 
non-encrypted connections, and because you cannot guarantee trust of the 
remote endpoint across hops (in real-world terms, "a friend of a friend 
of a friend once told me about this guy" should not have the same amount 
of trust as actually knowing the person being talked about directly.)
2) it is impractical for many embedded applications.
3) it puts unneccessary load on the server

-David Waite

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