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How many concurrent connections of the type and traffic specified could
expect the x345 server to support? Assume bandwidth is not an issue.
seen the limitations regarding stock RH installs vis a vis number of
and so forth. Should we plan for 1000 connections per system? More? 500?

1024 limit as Ulrich pointed, but a work around should be possible. 

Are there advantages or disadvantages to running multiple servers, even
if a
single server could service all connections? Does jabber provide
or failover facilities? Is disaster recovery or server replacement

Multi servers, means more resources are being spent for the same use, so
i don't think that an increase of say on 0.5s is a good way to waste a
4.000+ box, if one server can handle one, let him rule them all :)
Also take a look at "ejabberd" a new tool, for cluster of jabber, and
failover facilities http://www.jabber.ru/projects/ejabberd/ from
aleksey, i think the project is not 100% stable but you should look at
it because it has many of the features you require.  

What happens if an unusually large messages passes through a server? For
example, if a 10MB or 100MB message passes through a jabber server, can
client/server handle messages of that size? And if so, are other
queued until this one message completes, or is there concurrency?

Well it's an asynchronous protocol, plus no text message goes beyond a
few K, if you want to set up file transfers, you can use one of the
proposed options to create a mini HTTP server, etc... take a look at the
protocol site and look for OOB transfers,

On the client side, are there any "client daemon" projects currently
available or under development for the linux environment?

Hum do not know.

On the server side, is it possible and if so how difficult is it to have
messages received at the server passed through to an application rather
to another jabber client? I understand such hooks exist from my reading
the jabberd docs, but a confirmation would be nice.

There are many ways to interact with applications one is XML-RPC, etc..,
take a look at the docs.

Is there a jabber-to-email gateway? For example, can a jabber client
send a
message to an email address rather than to another jabber client, and

Like Ulrich said, there is a gateway to do that.

Thanks in advance. If anyone can provide high level answers it would be
appreciated. I need only enough detail to answer the question.
Implementation details and suggestions are not needed at this point,
only a
statement of possibility and perhaps an indication of difficulty or

Viability High, Difficulty Low, jabber is a very simple to implement
protocol (if you have a task force of 10 engineers I think you could do
it in 1-2 months if not less), and it's developer base is always
increasing, so there are many twists and tools, it's also very
extensible, like the JEP's show, I would not recommend using something
else, or creating your own custom protocol.

I also have in the past week learned about jabber, and already started
implementing a Flash ActionScript library, it took me about 20 minutes
to make a GUI to connect and create a JID, it's really a great tool for
IM, and with the extensibility growing by the day, who knows it might
even replace old communication ways, like e-mail has replaced snail
Plus it's a great productivity tool. I could not recommend it more, 

Best regards,
Daniel MD

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