[JDEV] Server Problems, of the lying kind.

Matthew Beacher SyOp at Reigm.Com
Tue Feb 11 07:37:34 CST 2003

I am writting an Open Source Jabber Server in C++ that should run on 
both Windows and Posix.  I have been reading some of the postings to 
this group, in the hope of gaining information about what I am dealing 
with.  The problem I'm having is that I think that 
http://www.Jabber.org/protocol has been lying to me.  Over these past 
many weeks I have tryed to get all the pices to work together and I just 
can't make everything fit.  I'll start with from.
Listed in the Protocol:
from='userid at hostname'
from='userid at hostname_no.anything/resorce'

Now as you can see I have a problem, not all 3 can be correct. And this 
is only one of many different problems I am having that will probably 
make the first release of the server unable to let anyone log on.

Now, mabey what I am looking for is some real sessions.  Some real 
server client messages, so I can see the way the server really wroks, 
not just the way they say it works in a day speck.  Also, I know they 
leave stuff out of the specks, just look at the speck for SASL then look 
at the JEP for SASL.  See anything new?

I love what I'm doing, and do want to continue, but I need more 
information if any of my code will actualy come to use.

Also, this is where I put in my plug for developers, coders, testers, 
ect.  Feature Requets welcome.  Continue your shameless plug here...

Reigm Global projects

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