[JDEV] report from fosdem

Ulrich Staudinger chicago5 at gmx.de
Wed Feb 12 02:18:50 CST 2003

Report from Fosdem

The Fosdem is THE Congres for Free Open Source Software in Europe. Luckily i
got the Chance to hold à presentation about jabber. 

Me and my girl arrived at Fosdem much too late on saturday afternoon
(bruessel is a real huge town). We did not get a Chance to Meet RalphM as arranged
(we should have met at 13:00 at the gates of ...), but we found time to Copy
leaflets which i printed at the very helpful infodesk. My, was that Machine
slow ! After sticking those leaflets to all doors, gates and open spots we
picked up a list of Youth hostels in brüssel. The first number was a success! In
the mean tiMe (My girl did the phone part ) i had the pleasure to meet Kai
EnGert (Mozilla). I also talked with Daniel Robbins from gentoo linux about
integrating jabber into gentoo. I also found time to listen shortly to Philippe
with this libjcap presentation, however had to leave very soon, to get those
other things organized (Next year philippe!).

So we drove to the Youth hostel. The next three hours i set up my
presentation (in Power point !).

The presentation is available from my Website.

Waking up after a long night, finishing my presentation,got breakfast, We
finally drove to the univerity and arrived at 9:30. Room H1301 Was still
locked, but the friendly fosdem team organized everything, beamer, VgA Cable, room
Key. At 10:05 i was in the room, so were 50 others and ralphM and edWin and
my Girl. 

i held the presentation. A listener asked whether Soap or Jabber is better
to transport XML RPC, i responded that the decision should be Made after
gathering pro s and Cons. Jf à System benefits from IM the deCision is clear. 

Another Question was carried to me by two Young gemans, Which client do i
use ? - e3 

After packing my things i talked With ralph ànd edwin, ralph showed me his
fosdem map.

Right before the mozilla talk, in another talk with raplh and edwin, we all
agreed that may be helping the marketing guys through fair presence would be
a good start, i.e. little boothes at cebit, systems, internetworld. Of course
we should try to get a track next year on fosdem. For me, I can say, I am
invited to talk again, which I will surely do (may be without my girl, to drink
some more beer with developers! ;)).

In the afternoon i lIstened to kai about mozIlla, his speach was very ok, ,i
especially liked his voice, although his presentation was a bit "flat" (no
offense), he talked about XUL.

I really didn't listen to many presentations, but the ones I saw where all

That's it from my side, unfortunately I didn't take pictures, but of me
where some taken, I wonder where they are! 

Via pda,

p.s. my presentation is available at
http://www.die-horde.de/fosdem/jabber_long.ppt and http://www.die-horde.de/fosdem/jabber_short.ppt

Ulrich Staudinger http://www.die-horde.de

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