[JDEV] Re: Server Problems, of the lying kind.

Matthew Beacher SyOp at Reigm.Com
Wed Feb 12 14:57:19 CST 2003

>  MB> Jabberd / Jabbered2
>  MB> 2 are the "Reference" Servers (Don't do Windows)
> AFAIK they do.

Via Cygwin, and what I am trying to do is native code, not via 
emulation.  Also, even on their own site the say that you should not do 
that.  And recommend several commershal products over their own server. 
  In short, even though people still try to do it, you should not run 
code not compiled for the platform your running.

Before I strted writting this server I looked very hard for a server 
that would meet my needs, asn was unable to find one.  So, in true Open 
Source stile I started to write my own. (If you want it, write it 
yourself.)  Latter on I found other projects, and of them, only one came 
close to meeting my needs, and that one was written in a programming 
language that I do not know, and in a form that makes it unable to meet 
my future goals.  It's not that I dislike these other servers it is just 
that I don't desire to wate the many years for them to join the apache 
project in fianly releasing a server that works on more then one 
platform in a stable and reliable form.

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