[JDEV] Jabber<=>Jabber gateway?

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Sat Feb 15 06:34:32 CST 2003

> > eg when I am at work, I sign in to me at work.com/work and subscribe to the
> > transport that logs me into me at home.name/home - now my co-workers and
> > customers can see me online as me at work, and my friends see me online as
> > me at home.name, but I only need to run one Jabber client and it doesn't
> > to be modified in anyway to handle multiple accounts.
> Psi (psi.sf.net) can already handle multiple accounts concurrently.

Yes I know - a design flaw IMO, and not what I had in mind.  There needs to
be a *server side* solution.  The Jabber design philosophy has always been
to keep the client simple and move the complexities to the server.

There are other solutions of course, such as running multiple instances of
your client, or modifying all clients to log into multiple servers, but they
are not really practical or elegant.  If you want to go that way, you may as
well install Trillian and let your client log into every server under the
sun - no need for Jabber at all.


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