[JDEV] (no subject) (Write A Server Question)

Matthew Beacher SyOp at Reigm.Com
Tue Feb 18 22:37:02 CST 2003

santosh wrote:

> hello ,
> i'm building my own jabber server n want some help from u
> can u send me a sample jabber.xml and other important configuration 
> files of different transports.
> i'll be highly obliged n thankfull to u for the above
>                thanks
>                                    santosh at dsfinternet.com


    Well, on the matter of jabber.xml, I have been told that getting a 
client that outputs your stream is the best way to handel getting sample 
data.  The transports can only work if you write the code to connect 
them to your server.
    Because I am curious, and also working on a Jabber Server, I do need 
to ask a few questions. 

1) What are you writting the server in, or going to, as the case may be?

2) What OSs are you going to support?

3) Which level of the Jabber Protocol do you plan to go after?  Legace, 
the new Advanced or something in between?

4) How far along are you?  Is your time best served starting a new 
project, or is there an existing projects close enuff to what you want 
to do that mabey you may wish to join one of them.
Existing Open Source projects include: Many C/C++ Posix Servers, a Java 
server, and a .Net server for Windows.
Many of witch can be found at 
http://www.jabberstudio.org/project/?cat=7  <Shameless Plug> Then there 
is the multi-platform in C++ server I'm writting at 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/rjserver/ that could use some more 
developers.</Shameless Plug>  For me a new project was called for 
because I want to write for Windows, and I am a C++ developer, but I 
also wanted to move to Linux, or OpenBSD without losing my code.

Hope that helps,
Matt Beacher

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