[JDEV] OT: Trillian forums on Jabber...

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Sat Feb 22 15:19:42 CST 2003


First, the Trillian developers _are_ interested in Jabber, they just haven't 
made a public note about it.

Second, that thread is really old, so the early messages should be 
disregarded.  I think Jabber's "marketing" has improved over the last year, 
going away from multi-IM towards open-IM as more and more users have gained a 
clue.  You have to understand that most users of the Trillian forum saw 
Jabber as redundant, since they were only thinking about transports.  Read 
the end of the thread, and you'll see that a lot more people have opened up 
to Jabber now that they understand what it is.  That thread has to hold some 
kind of record, too, as it spans over a year.

I'm supposed to be absent right now, but I felt I had to reply since I'm 
probably the only one who can save face for these guys.

Have fun,

On Saturday 22 February 2003 10:13 am, hhager at orgo.com wrote:
> This is a fine read over at Trillian. Wtf is their deal?
> http://www.trillian.cc/forums/showthread.php?s=88747c9447b7f11da69447da6e9e
> 20future&pagenumber=1
> Lots of pushback against jabber and obviously
> the trillian dev's are forcefully ignoring jabber
> interop.

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