[JDEV] jabberd patch

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Feb 25 08:30:10 CST 2003

> "Richard Dobson" <richard at dobson-i.net> wrote on 25-2-2003 13:31:12:
> >
> >Yea sure I wasnt arguing against the "option", but it shouldnt be
> >standard behaviour and must be documented that it can cause
> >issues/problems, so the admin can make an informed choice of which
> >behaviour they want.
> Then again, not using this patch has it's own problems when two clients
> with auto-reconnect start to "fight" over the same connection. So this
> patch is definatly usefull for those who want to avoid this type of
> behaviour.

That issue can be solved pretty easily, the client that is getting logged
off because another one is connecting just needs to be notified of the
reason of disconnection and if it is because another client has logged on
you pop up a box or something and dont try to auto-connect again (just like
the MSN protocol does). There can be issues with logging off the old
connection and letting the new connection in as jabber does now, but I think
it is much better than the reverse as more serious problems happen doing it
the other way. If the only problems are things such as this that can be
pretty easily solved then we should leave it as is, this is all about a
weighing of benefits against problems and I think the current method jabber
uses has definate benefits that outweigh the problems pointed out so far.


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