[JDEV] [jadmin] Interesting reading...Balance of power to shift in IM realm

Trent Melcher tmelcher at trilogytel.com
Tue Feb 25 12:49:34 CST 2003

Though this was interesting

"Balance of power to shift in IM realm "


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Subject: [jadmin] setting up "members only" room in Conference

I have added conferencing (conference 0.4) to a Jabber 1.4 server, and
everything is working, except I don't know how to access a conference
room with a "secret" tag assigned:

For example, from the jabber.xml file:

   <room jid="admin at conference.beluga1.ldgo.columbia.edu">
      <name>Adminz only</name>
        <join> just rocks!</join>
        <leave> gets lost</leave>
        <rename> feels it is more important to be known as </rename>

(This is a public chatroom)

When I try to connect to this room (using the Exodus client under
Windows), with or without the password set, I get the following error

"You are not allowed to enter this room. You must be on the member

Here is the debug XML output on the client side:

SENT: <presence to"admin at conference.beluga1.ldgo.columbia.edu/Leo"<x
RECV: <presence to='ostwaldl at beluga1.ldgo.columbia.edu/Exodus' from
'admin at conference.ldgo.columbia.edu/Leo type='error'><x
<error code='405'>Not Allowed</error></presence>
SENT: <presence to="admin at conference.beluga1.ldgo.columbia.edu

Any ideas on how to configure this to allow access?

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